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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find answers to your questions here please feel free to call us and we will be happy to talk with you and hopefully provide the information you are looking for.

How long does it take to do a complete drywall job?

Generally about 10 working days.  The taping and mudding drying time  will vary depending on the heat, ventilation and humidity outside.  If these factors are not adequate longer drying times are required.   The taping process requires 4 or 5 visits to apply the coats of mud, sand and then do the final finish.  Taping, mudding and finishing reqiure alot of skill and a great eye as it is extremely detailed work .  It is important that this process be done correctly as it will determine how good the final product looks.  So the key to schedule is heat and and ventilation.

Do you charge for an estimate?

No our estimates are free and we provide clearly written proposals.

What certifications do you have?

Licensed Journeyman with over 25 years in the trade.

Do you carry WorkSafeBC coverage?

Yes and will povide WCB clearance letter on request.

Are you BBB Acredited?


Do you do drywall repairs?

Yes, we do jobs of any size.

Will you do finishing work on a project where the drywall board is already hung?

We prefer to do the job from start to finish, this allows for consistant quality.  Alot depends on the condition of the boarding that has been done, if it is installed by a professional then there would be no extra cost. Typically when we do not do the boarding it takes a little longer to finish, but this depends on the qualtiy of the boarding  job and if we need to re-do anything to ensure a quality finish.  Gypsum G Squared will always come out to your home, take a look and then provide you a free estimate.

What areas do you service

We service greater victoria, the westshore, saanich, sooke, Metchosin and most surrounding areas.

Do you do Soundproofing?

Yes, there are a variety of soundproofing/accoustic techniques and quite often to deaden sound between apartments, rooms or suites in a house a combination of soundproofing solutions are applied.  Visit our website Sound proofing for more details of what we do.

Do you do textures?

Yes, we can smooth out existing textured ceilings, match textures to the original.  We do many types of textures.

Do you give estimates over the phone?

We generally do not give estimates over the phone, a fair and accurate estimate is quite often a result of observation, takeing accurate measurements etc. each drywall job is unique and has its own personality and until we have seen the job  we cannot give a proper estimate.  Larger projects such as new home construction, additions, suites etc.  we need to see the blue prints or floor plans.

Do you supply the drywall materials?

We prefer to supply the materials, this allows us to ensure our best possible price and quality from our suppliers; however, if you want to provide the materials yourself then we will be happy to work with you.

Do you require a deposit before work starts?

In most cases we require a deposit at the beginning of the job and then depending on the size of the job we require progress payments, ususally after board is installed and then when the job is complete.

How do you handle drywall dust to minimize the problem?

It is the nature of the job that some dust suspended in the air will settle after our crew leaves, we take all precautions to minimize the impact by sweeping and vacuming, but we cannot guarantee you a totally dust free home.   We can provide dust covers for furniture but this will add to the cost of labour and materials. 

Do you provide written contracts?

We always provide written contracts, that clearly state the scope of the work, price, warranties and a detailed description of the work we are doing.

Do you do residential and commercial work?

Yes, we do both residential and commercial work.

Does framing impact the quality of the drywall job?

Yes, poorly aligned framing can cause issues with the drywall such as cracking or ridging.  Properly framed walls will  prevent cracks, pops, sags and ridges.  If the framing is not allowd  to dry before the drywall is put up the wet lumber will start to dry and shrink as soon as the heat is turned on.  If the drywall is already in place, you will get cracked corners, ridged seams and popped fastners.  We will want to inspect the framing prior to hanging the drywall to ensure the best possible outcome.  Even good builders will sometimes overlook some details that could impact a good drywall finish, we quite often need to fix minor framing issues before starting the drywall.

How do you charge hourly, rate based or by the job?

We rarely ever do work at an hourly rate. The vast majority of the jobs that we do are bid at a set price.  A set price prior to the start of the job gives clarity to both the contractor and the customer as to what their final cost will be.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry 5 million dollars liability insurance.














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